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Video Hum Eliminators
HD-SDI Hum Eliminators
For HD-SDI Systems
      HD-SDI Hum 

      Video Isolation
For SDI Systems
GLE Series Hum

      Video Isolation
Home Theatre
Audio & Video Isolation Transformers
Precision LC Filters
Microwave Filters & Adapters
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High Power Lowpass RF Filter
Precision Filters for Testing
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Video Delay Lines
  • Rack Mountable Video & Pulse
  • Rack Mounting Kit
  • Video & Pulse
  • Infinitely Variable Video Delay Lines
  • Video & Pulse Fixed Delay Lines
  • Video SPIRADELŪ Delay Lines
  • Fixed & Programmable BAL Series
Video Filters
  • Broadcast Quality
  • NTSC & PAL
  • Bandpass
  • Band Reject
  • Notch
  • Gaussian
  • Video Networks
  • 6G-UHD-SDI
  • Delay and Amplitude Equalized Lowpass Filters
  • Filters for Component Signal Processing
  • Pre & Post Filters for 4:2:2 Digital Signal Processing
  • Triple Filters for RGB
  • Lowpass
  • Compact Brickwall Filters Eliminate MTS Buzz
  • High Performance HDTV Filters
  • CCIR 601 Filters
  • SMPTE 260M & 274M
  • AVS Series Anti-Aliasing Pre & Post Filters for A-to-D & D-to-A Filtering
  • Custom Video Filters
Analog and Digital Delay Lines
  • Passive and Active
  • Programmable
  • TTL, DTL, ECL Compatible
  • Fixed
  • Variable
  • Ultra-High Speed
  • SIP and DIP Package
  • Commercial and Military
  • Surface Mount Packaging
HDTV Video Filters
  • Meets all requirements of SMPTE 260M and 274M
  • Miniature Packaging
  • Dual-In-Line, Single-In-Line
  • Controlled Delay and Amplitude to SMPTE 260M and 274M
  • Pre and Post Filters are Available
  • Custom Sample Rates Available
  • Delay Matching
  • Low Loss Design
Video Equalizers, Networks and Attenuators
  • Video Networks Random Noise Measurement Networks
  • Video Networks Wave Shaping Networks
  • TV Cable Equalizers
  • Fixed Attenuators
  • Variable Video Attenuator
Brickwall Lowpass Video Filters
  • Stopband Ratio of 1.066 @ 42dB
  • Phase and Delay Equalized for NTSC or PAL Video Systems
  • Eliminates Audio Buzz
  • Removes Unwanted Sub-Carriers
  • 75 Ohm Impedance
  • OEM Board Level Units Available
  • Boxed Versions with BNC Connectors
AVS Series Miniature Lowpass Video Filters
  • 6 Stopband Ratios
  • Phase and Delay Equalized
  • Sin X/X Correction
  • Frequency Range 2MHz to 300MHz for NTSC and PAL
  • Anti-Aliasing Filters
Offset Marker
  • The Offset Marker or Imprinter is a relatively little known, but very versatile method of identifying your product with the finest and most permanent marking available today.
Home Theatre
  • Video Hum Eliminators & Audio Isolation Transformers stop Hum and Noise in Home Theatre and Multimedia Entertainment with S-Video or RCA Connectors.
Great Eastern Metal Products
  • GEMP offers a full range of Chassis, Terminals, Inserts, Drawn Cans, Brackets and More in a variety of materials and styles.

General Purpose Delay Lines
  • SpiradelŪ Delay Lines Fixed & Tapped
  • Dual-In-Line "Mini" SpiradelŪ Delay Lines
  • Dual-In-Line "Midi" SpiradelŪ Delay Lines
  • Micro "LC Dip" Dual-In-Line
  • "LC Dip 20"
  • "LC Dip"
  • "TO5" Series
  • GA Series
  • GB Series
  • "HF" Series
  • "HR" & "VHR" Series
  • Custom-Designed Precision Delay Lines
  • Radio Paging Variable Delay Lines
  • Analog & Digital Delay Lines
Precision LC Filters
  • NTSC & PAL Video Filters
    • Delay Equalized NTSC Lowpass Series VFL
    • Delay Equalized NTSC Lowpass Series VCL
    • Delay Equalized NTSC Lowpass Filters with sinx/x shaping
    • NTSC Color Sub-Carrier Band Reject
    • NTSC Color Sub-Carrier Bandpass
    • HDTV Lowpass
    • Brickwall
    • Miniature Lowpass Video
    • NTSC Color Sub-Carrier Bandpass Filters
  • Video Networks

  • Fixed Attenuators

  • Video Gaussian Filters

  • Lowpass Filters

    • Medium Cutoff Lowpass

    • Sharp Cutoff Lowpass

    • Delay Equalized

    • Delay Equalized, Sharp Cutoff

    • Linear Phase

    • Low Profile Lowpass & Highpass

    • Sub-Miniature Lowpass

    • TO-8 Lowpass

    • Tubular Lowpass

  • Low Profile Filters - Lowpass & Highpass

  • Highpass Filters

    • Low Profile Highpass Filter Series LPFLH

    • Medium Cutoff Highpass
      Series MCOHP

    • Sharp Cutoff Highpass Series SCOHP

    • TO-8 Highpass

    • Sub-Miniature Highpass

    • Tubular Highpass

  • Bandpass Filters

    • Linear Phase

    • Narrow Band Linear Phase

    • Broad Band Linear Phase

    • Miniature

  • Band Reject Filters

    • Video Series NTSC

  • Sub-Miniature

  • Tubular Filters

Audio & Video Isolation Transformer
Features VIT
True Isolation Transformer X X
Easy-to-Use X X
Passive, Failure-Free Device X X
Flat Response X X
No Gain or Phase Distortion X X
100 Megohms Minimum Isolation X X
Hi-Impact ABS Plastic Case X X
Bandwidth 20Hz to 6MHz X  
Bandwidth over 300Khz   X
1/4" Phone Jack or 3-Pin XLR   X
Low Signal Loss X X
Multi-Channel Versions Available X X
Video Hum and Noise Eliminators
  • Flat Frequency Response
  • HEC and VNE Models have Bandwidths up to 300MHz
  • GLE Models have Bandwidths to over 500MHz
  • No Low or High Frequency roll-off
  • No Differential Phase or Gain Distortion
  • Passive Device, Failure Free
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Multi-Channel Versions for RGB/YUV/Component Video Projection Systems
  • S-Video Hum Eliminators and Ground Loop Isolation Transformers
  • HD-SDI
Field Applications
  • Between Remote Truck, Telco and Microwave
  • For Inter-truck Hookup
Studio Applications
  • Connections between Buildings
  • For Long  Cable Runs in Buildings
  • For Monitoring Systems Between Studios, Editing Suites and Transmitters and/or Outgoing Telco Circuits

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