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Product Description Series or Model  
Video Networks 
Random Noise Measurement Networks
Junction, Lowpass & Weighting Networks Models NW100, NW200 & NW300 Printable WEB page
Video Networks 
Wave Shaping Networks
Pre-Emphasis & De-Emphasis Models NW400, NW500  Printable WEB page
TV Cable Equalizers 50'-300' RG-11/U 75 Ohm cable Models VE300 & AV-535 Printable WEB page
Fixed Attenuators DC to 1000 MHz AF Series Printable WEB page
Variable Video Attenuator
AV225A (50Ω), AV225B (75Ω)
Binary Switchable
0 to 25.5 dB
AV225A (50Ω)
B (75Ω)
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Video & Pulse Delay Lines AV-397 7 75-2A Adjustable

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