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 Single Channel Video Hum Eliminator
Models HEC-2000, HEC-2000-HEC-2000-V



Flat Response


Bandwidths up to 30MHz


No Low or High Frequency Roll-Off


No Differential Gain or Phase Distortion


Rugged, Waterproof Case


BNC Connectors


Passive Device - Failure Free


For Color and Black & White




Small, Compact Package



Between Remote Truck, Telco & Microwave


For Intertruck Hookup


For VTR Units


For Monitoring Lines


Between Buildings


On Long Runs in Buildings


Between Studios & Transmitters


On Incoming & Outgoing Telco Circuits

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The HEC-2000-V now joins the line of single-channel Hum Eliminators manufactured by Allen Avionics. Like the HEC-2000 and the HEC-2000-H, the HEC-2000-V stops all 50 Hz and 60 Hz hum. The HEC-2000 Series is designed to eliminate hum in video applications caused by long cable runs or ground loops.

This new edition is a heavy-duty version, like the HEC-2000-H, and features 1/4" thick, stainless steel guard rails to protect the connectors when not in use.

With the addition of the HEC-2000-V to the HEC-2000-H, the end user has a choice of connector location and protection, plus the performance of the standard HEC-2000. The HEC-2000-H is designed for optional rack mounting installation.  (see below)

The HEC series works in circumstances where interference is caused by small differences in ground potential (less than 20 volts) or by induced currents in long cable runs. When there are multiple power panels in a building, or even a single floor, equipment and lighting loads resut in small differences in potential which induce a ground loop current flow and 60 Hz hum. (see Figure 1)

Electronically-induced current flows in long cable runs also create hum. For 50 Hz and 60 Hz power systems, and where induced currents are high, the HEC-2000, HEC-2000-H and HEC-2000-V increase the attenuation at the power frequency.

Should a small amount of hum remain after an HEC has been added to the circuit, a second HEC can be added in series, without significant degradation of the video signal..

Model Number HEC-2000, HEC-2000-H, HEC-2000-V Electrical Specifications
  • Impedance: 75 Ohms, Unbalanced 
  • Bandwidth: DC to 30 MHz
  • Insertion Loss:
    • 0.75 dB @ 10 MHz
    • 1.20 dB @ 20 MHz
    • 1.50 dB @ 30 MHz
  • Return Loss: 20 dB
  • Hum Reduction: 60 dB fo 50 Hz or 60 Hz systems
  • Packaging: Die Cast Metal
  • Mounting: Four (4) 6-32 x 1/2" inserts
  • Dimensions: See below
  • Weight: 3-1/2 Lbs.


Series 2000 Dimensions

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