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Video Isolator for 15 pin Video


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VI-VGA is a Passive Ground Loop Isolators that are widely used to eliminate any noise or interference caused in Video Displays or Projectors using 15-Pin VGA connectors. Noise or hum are often caused because Common Mode Current will flow in a ground loop created by an electrical system that has ground at different potentials.

Just replace your exisitng VGA cable with the VI-VGA between your video source and the display/projector. VI-VGA is designed specifically to reduce hum in analog component RGBHV video signal and VESA Digital Data Channel (VESA DDC) and is capable of supporting any resolution up to 2048 x 1536. This is a passive device and no power supply is required.



  •   Reduces video noise or hum in 15-Pin VGA connectors

  •   Compatible with any analog component signal format (RGBHV, RGB, RGBS)

  •   Supports resolution up to 2048 x 1536

  •   No degradation of video quality. Plug-N-Play, Passive device

  •   Replaces Standard VGA Cable, approximately 3 ft. long

  •   Applications:

    •    Multimedia Projectors

    •    CRT & flat–screen LCD monitors

    •    Plasma screens

    •    Laptops & PCs

    Video Projector

Allen Avionics has Hum Eliminators and Isolation Transformers for SDI, HD-SDI, S Video, NTSC, Composite, HDTV Analog (Y, Pb, Pr or RGB), Component, Y R-Y B-Y. They can be used with any brand of Audio or Video equipment.

For additional technical information or ordering information call our technical sales department at 516-248-8080. You can also Email any questions you may have.

Download a printable Adobe pdf format

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