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Video Hum and Noise Eliminators

Introduction to Video Hum Eliminators Important Information printer friendly download
Product Type Details Series Designation  
 3G-SDI Hum Eliminators Looking at an eye pattern for 3G-SDI signal affected by extraneous induced noise, the data zero crossing point (risetime/falltime area) of the Incoming Video appears to be smeared, indicating the potential for a bit error and the loss of data. Using the Allen Avionics 3G-SDI Hum Eliminator you can eliminate the potential for this kind of data loss, 3G-SDI-1 Single Channel, 3G-SDI-3 3 Isolated Channels,
3G-SDI-5 5 Isolated Channels
3G-SDI-3R 3 Isolated Channels 1URack ,3G-SDI-5R 5 Isolated Channels 1URack
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HD-SDI Ground Loop Eliminator

SDI and HD-SDI Hum Eliminators
Stop potential hum interference with HD Serial Digital


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Video Hum Eliminators Single Channel, Multi-Channel, NTSC, RGB HEC - 500, 1000, 2000
HEC - 3000, 4000, 5000

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HEC-500 thru 4000

Wide Bandwidth RGB Hum Eliminators 1 and 5 Channels
Bandwidth: 200 - 500 MHz, min.
GLE Series
50 and 75 Ohm Impedance

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Now Available Rack mounted GLE-75-VHF-5 Rack
Video Noise Eliminators Single and Multi Channel VNE-75

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S-Video Hum Eliminator & Ground Loop Isolation Transformer  for use with S-Video, SVHS, HI-8 and other Y/C Video formats
SVIT-75-H Isolation Transformer
SV-1000-H Hum Eliminator

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Rack Mounting
for Hum & Noise Eliminators
Racks and Mounting Cards RMC and RMC-2

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Wide Bandwidth Ground Loop Eliminators
(Supports SDI transmission (SMPTE 259M).
High degree of common mode rejection at power frequencies (50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz) while passing all frequencies from DC to over 300 MHz for the GLE-50 and GLE-75 and DC to over 500MHz Model GLE 50
Model GLE 75

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