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S-Video Hum Eliminator
Hum Eliminator & Ground Loop Isolation Transformer


Both Models Feature

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  • S-Video Connectors
  • Low Loss (.25 dB, Typical)
  • 20 dB Return Loss
  • No Phase or Gain Distortion
  • Rugged, Waterproof Case
  • Passive Device - Failure Free
  • Reversible
  • Compact Plastic Case
  • 4 Mounting Inserts for Panel or Rack Mounting

  SVIT -75-H
S-Video Isolation Transformers
  • "True" Isolation Transformer
  • Breaks Ground Loop, No DC Connection
  • Video Isolation 100 Megohms, Minimum
  • Video Bandwidth to over 8 MHz     

S-Video Hum Eliminator
  • Eliminates all 50 Hz & 60 Hz Hum and Interference
  • DC Connection Preserved
  • Hum Attenuation up to 60 dB Depending on System
  • Flat Response over S-Video Bandwidth

Isolation Transformer
Internal Schematic

Balanced Input and Output
Note: Provision must be made for DC control signals, such as camera controls, which VIT will block

Hum Eliminator
Internal Schematic

Un-balanced Input and Output
Note: The SV-1000-H is DC coupled so no provision must be made for control signals

SVIT-75-H S-Video Isolation Transformer

Parameter Specification
Insertion Loss <0.6 dB @ 3.58 MHz
Amplitude Matching <0.1 dB
Bandwidth: Chroma & Luminescence 10 Hz to 8 MHz
Luminescence Non-Linearity <0.1%
VSWR: Chroma & Luminescence > 1.5:1 to 4.2 MHz
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 500V
Input 1 Volt
Weight 2 lbs
Size 5-3/8"x 4" x 2"
SV-1000-H S-Video Hum Eliminator
Parameter Specification
Insertion Loss <0.5 dB @ 3.58 MHz
Amplitude Matching <0.1 dB
Bandwidth: Chroma & Luminescence 160 MHz
Luminescence Non-Linearity <0.1%
VSWR: Chroma & Luminescence > 1.2:1 to 4.2 MHz
Input 1 Volt
Weight 2.5 lbs
Size 5-3/8"x 4" x 2"

Stop "Hum Bars" and Audio Hum or Buzz in Multi-Media Systems with these New S-Video Hum Eliminator Products from Allen Avionics, Inc.

For Use with: S-Video, SVHS, Y/C Video

S-Video, Super VHS, S-VHS, HI-8 and other Y/C formats use two separate video signals. The luminescence (Y) is the black and white portion providing brightness information.
The chrominance (C) is the color portion providing hue and saturation.
Both these signals are subject to interference caused by small differences in ground potential or by induced currents in long cable runs.

Shield protects S-Video Connectors

Mounting Inserts

Models: SV-1000-H
or SVIT-75-H

Mounting Insert

Rear of Case
(same for both models)

Rack Card Kit Model #RMC-2
Provides mounting for two units per card which can be stored in a rack (Model # RM-1) containing up to 5 cards and ten (10) Hum Eliminator units or Isolation Transformers. more rack info

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