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Offset Marker

Versatile & Economical Marking Machine

The Allen Avionics Offset Marker offers an extremely versatile and convenient method of identifying your products.
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  • A Versatile Marking System
The Offset Marker or Imprinter is a relatively little known, but very versatile method of identifying your product with the finest and most permanent marking available today.
  • Has Numerous Applications
Almost every industry will find our Offset Markers to be a useful and economical method of marking. Electronic and electrical components, advertising articles, industrial identification, and imprinting of consumer products are just a few of the many fields where these machines have been found to be invaluable.
Fine products that you wish to mark permanently, with your name or logo, catalog number, or size, merit the use of Allen Avionics Offset Markers. This insures that the quality of your marking will match the high quality of your product.
  • Marks Almost Any Shaped Object
Whether the part is flat, round, uneven, irregular or hexagon in shape, the Offset Marker will easily mark them inexpensively, clearly, quickly and permanently. Parts made of metal, glass, plastics, wood and rubber, etc., can be readily marked. Present day inks insure durable marking. Much development work today is being done in thick film techniques using the offset marking system.
Alternate methods of marking are generally not as satisfactory or practical. Labels can easily be disfigured or peeled-off. Silk-screening on uneven or round parts is difficult and can never be as sharp as imprinting. Rubber stamping is nearly impossible on round or irregular surfaces and is adequate only on absorbent surfaces.
  • Features Quick Set-Up
One of the most important features of the Offset Marker is its capability for changing the "copy" quickly and easily. In a matter of minutes, using tweezers and a flat surface, any novice can set "type." 
The offset type is placed between metal plates (furniture) which spaces the letters vertically. The chase (the frame which houses the offset type and furniture) snaps quickly into place. Repetitive markings, logos and other symbols are available.
  • Lightweight, Portable Machines
These machines are easily portable, the hand model weighing only 13 lbs. and the air operated model only 21 lbs.

The parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The machine's fine design is such that you can be assured of many years of trouble-free service. Bronze or nylon bearings are used on all moving parts to assure long life.

Available in 6 Different Models

Manual Offset Marker

Hand Operated  M1HD

Dimensions: 14" long, x 9.5" wide x 14.5" high
Weight: 13 lbs.
Imprint Area: 4.5" x 3"

Air Operated Offset Marker

Hand Controlled Valve  M2HD
Foot Controlled Valve   A3FT
Automatic Cycling         A4AC
* Automatic Cycling 
   & Hand Control          A5AH
* Automatic Cycling 
   & Hand Control          A6AF

Dimensions: 26" long, x 10" wide x 14.5" high
Weight: 21 lbs.
Imprint Area: 4.5" x 3"
Air Pressure required 10-15 psig minimum - regulator included.

*Provided with quick couplers

You can easily download the Offset Marker Brochure and/or the Marker Operating Instructions in PDF format.
Model A5AH
Automatic Cycling
and Hand Control

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