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Home Theater Audio Delay Corrector



Home Theater Audio Delay Corrector








 Digital Audio Delay Corrector

The Master Delay Box DD740 is designed to restore perfect lip-syncing to the audio output from your digital satellite receiver and DVD-player. Modern displays, such as plasma screens, LCD screens and projectors use sophisticated imaging processors to produce the best picture possible. This processing takes time and produces a delay in the picture display. This is called a Lip-Sync Error. This is particularly noticeable in speech, where the voice comes first and the lips move after. Lip-syncing anomalies may also affect satellite broadcasts and can occur when the transfer of older movie soundtracks to digital surround sound for DVD. The effect can be so pronounced that the film or broadcast becomes difficult to watch. With DD740 you have total control over Audio/Video synchronization and by delaying audio to match the video delay, you can enjoy the Home Theatre Experience.

DD740 has 4 Input Channels and 2 Output Channels. The Delay Box has a total delay of 0 680ms @ 32KHz / 48KHz sample rate, or 0 340ms @ 96KHz sample rate. The delay can be programmed in steps of either 1ms or 0.33ms (Fine Mode). DD740 allows storage of up to 36 Preset delay settings, 9 for each input channels. All operations can be easily performed either on the stand-alone device or using the remote control provided along with the device.


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