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900Mhz ISM Filter
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Part No.: CMBF/0.913/20/FN/FN/AL

This High–Q Combline Cavity Bandpass Filter is used to pass 903MHz – 923MHz ISM Frequency Band with very low Insertion Loss of 1.6dB (typical). It has excellent Return Loss of 15dB (typical) and a smooth passband with less than 0.25dB ripple. It provides superior attenuation of other frequencies operating above or below this ISM Band, with an ultimate attenuation of 60dB to 2GHz. These filters are often used to eliminate interference caused due to Cellular and Pager frequencies.  

These filters are rugged and are easy to mount on any transmitter, with the mounting holes provided.


Pass Band: 903MHz – 923MHz
Insertion Loss:          1.6 dB (Typical)
Pass Band Ripple:   < 0.25 dB (Typical)
No. of Cavities:         8
Return Loss:             > 15 dB (Typical)Rejection Points:  @ 895MHz - 40dB (min)
                                                                                                        @ 931MHz - 40dB (min)

ISM Filter Case   

·        Protects Out-of-Band Interference
Mitigates Cellular & Pager Frequencies
Transmitter Harmonic Clean – Up
Co-Located Equipment

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