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Color Sub-Carrier Band Reject Filters


  • VFR and EVFR Band Reject Filters   click here for printable datasheet
  • Band Reject Filters are Notch Filters - Designed to Remove the 3.58 MHz Sub-Carrier from NTSC Color Signals
  • Applications Based on Rejection of the Color Information in the Video Signal to Provide Isolation from the Luminance Signal

Sub-carrier rejection filters are notch filters designed to remove the 3.58 MHz sub-carrier from NTFC color signals. Most applications for this type of filter are based upon rejection of the color information in the video signal to provide isolation from the luminance signal. This application requires low phase distortion to the luminance signal. To satisfy this requirement, we have designed the VFR series of filters. One of the most often used applications for this filter is in color systems for monochrome transmissions to prevent color flashes from appearing on the screen. Since various segments of the television industry have different bandpass requirements, filters of different bandwidth are offered. Where required, phase correction is included. The photographs of the 20T pulse show the reduced picture definition the wider the bandwidth. Equipment manufacturers can use the encapsulated P.C.B. versions - Series EVFR.

Mechanical Specifications (click here)

Color Sub-Carrier Band Reject Filter

Metal Can Size:
4" x 2" x 1-1/4"
Encapsulated Case Size:
4" x 2" x 1-1/4"

Series VFR Performance

Impedance = 75 Ohms
Maximum Insertion Loss =  3 dB at 100 KHz
Maximum Passband Ripple to 5.5 MHz = .125 dB, .25 dB for VFR1P3
BNC Connectors.
Add 'E' to Part Number for Encapsulated Models
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VFR and Encapsulated EVFR Series

Part Number

Max. 3 dB
Attenuation @ Frequency (MHz)

Min. 45dB
Attenuation @ 3.58 (MHz)

VFR4P6 1.95-6.55 40 dB
VFR1P3 3.00-4.30 40 dB
VFR0P5 3.37-3.88 40 dB

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