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DLS-MVIO-20 is a compact video/audio delay system for HD/SD-SDI video with embedded audio signal. This unit is compact & easy to install in a standard 1U-Rack mount structure.

DLS-MVIO-20 supports self-adaptive HD/SD input signal with a maximum delay of 20s and a minimum delay of 1 frame. It supports built-in frame synchronization, H-Phase adjustment and relative delay corrector of video/audio error with an adjustment range of 15 frames.

DLS-MVIO-20 Front Panel
Front Panel 
DLS-MVIO-20 Rear Panel
Rear Panel


q  Half wide 1U-Rack mountable chassis structure, compact, easy to install

q  Supports self-adaptive HD/SD-SDI input signal with embedded audio

q  Maximum Delay of 20 seconds and minimum of 1 frame

q  Built-in frame synchronization, supports H-Phase Adjustment

q  Supports relative delay corrector of video/audio, adjustment range of 15 frames

q  Audio mute button eliminates embedded audio if desired


Digital Video Input:

Input Interface         1x HD/SD-SDI on BNC

                               Impedance: 75 Ω


SD-SDI         625i50/525i59.94

                               SMPTE 259M-C: 270Mb/s

          HD-SDI         720p50/720p59.94/720p60                               1080p25/1080p29.97/1080p30


                               SMPTE 292M: 1.485Gb/s

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