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Designed to be easy to use, portable, economical and expandable. There are many areas where the NEW DeJaVIEW Timed Video Capture and Replay system can be used. This low cost easy to use system will find many applications in Sports and Gymnastic training of all types. Great for Colleges, High Schools and other sports training facilities that want a low cost system to improve their athletes training and performance by adding instant visual feedback and review. Makes no difference what sport or activity. If it is baseball put DeJaVIEW  in the batting cage or on the pitchers mound. For tennis DeJaVIEW goes anywhere on the court during lessons and practice. Works great for Golf too. In the Gym the system is easy to position and can be moved anywhere. With the tripod option and extension video cable the unit can be positioned anywhere. Applications are endless even used by Actors and for training in hospitals. Studies by Professional Sports trainers, Major League Baseball coaches, top Universities and International Sports Training Centers has confirmed that Video Replay training systems work. They aid in rapid improvement and development in any sport or physical activity. The DeJaVIEW video systems patented Delay System lets you play back live video with an adjustable delay so athletes and trainers can view the performance together. This system has many options and can be configured to match your budget. No complex and expensive software or hardware to use. The DeJaVIEW  system is plug and play. Once in position it is ready to go. Point your camera, set the replay time (1-30 seconds) and DeJaVIEW  is ready to produce an instant replay of the athletes performance for their review. This gives athletes and trainers a valuable tool for rapid improvement.

All DeJaVIEW  Systems have a totally sealed rechargeable battery power pack so they will operate anyplace. When ac power is available the system automatically switches and recharges the battery. Two stage charging allows the battery to be maintained at full charge when running on ac power. The system will run for a minimum of 8 hours on battery power before needing to be recharged. Recharges to full capacity over night and is ready to be used again.  

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