RF/Microwave Components Engineer

Utilizing knowledge of RF/Microwave Components; develop state-of-the-art RF/Microwave Components such as filters and diplexers.

  • Provide technical guidance and coordinate with the R & D Team and Production Department in launching New Products in the field of RF/Microwave Components.

  • Mentor Junior Engineers and Lab Technicians.

  • Act as the technical lead to ensure a quality product and outstanding customer service is provided to our customers.

Knowledge of computer design tools including Wasp-Net, MiCian, Filter Solutions, Sonnet, Microwave Office, PSPICE, MATLAB, AutoDesk Inventor 11, AutoCAD

Minimum Requirements: Masterís degree in Electrical Engineering. Competitive Salary and benefits.

Please send resume by US Mail to:
PO Box 350
Ref: coweb
PH: 516-248-8080
FAX: 516 747-6724
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