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AV Isolation Transformers

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MADI Audio



Product Details Series Designation
VI-VGA Passive Ground Loop Isolators for 15pin connectors VGA Video Ground Loop Isolator
eliminate noise or interference in Video Displays or Projectors using 15-Pin VGA connectors.
VI-VGA Printable pdf file
ISO-6G-SDI Video Isolation Transformer

Small, passive VIT for UHD 6G Serial Digital Transmission Lines


Printable pdf file

Audio Isolation Transformer for MADI or AES10 eliminates hum or noise present in Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI) or AES10. MADI-ISO-B printable pdf file
Video Isolation Transformers for HD-SDI High Def. Broadcast Systems

eliminates hum in High Definition Broadcast Systems caused due to ground loops where there is a large potential difference (20V or more). This provides electrical isolation between the Input and Output.

HD-VIT-75 printable pdf file
Video Isolation Transformers for eliminating hum in SDI Broadcast Systems for Serial Digital Broadcast Systems where hum is present due to ground loops or where there is a large differences in ground potential. SDI-VIT-75 pdf file
Audio Ground Loop Isolation Transformers Single & Dual Channel
Mono & Stereo
10 kOhms, 600 Ohms
AGL Series
AGL-600, AGL-600-2
printer friendly datasheet
Video Isolation Transformers Single & Multi Channel VIT Series
VIT-50, VIT-75,
printer friendly datasheet
Rack Mounted Standard 1U High
5 Channel Rack Mounted Video Isolation Transformer with Standard
19 inch 1U High Rack
VIT Series
S-Video Hum Eliminator & Ground Loop Isolation Transformer  for use with S-Video, SVHS, HI-8 and other Y/C Video formats SVIT-75-H Isolation Transformer printer friendly datasheet p1 p2
Video Hum Eliminators shown in Video Hum Eliminators
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Rack Mounting for Transformers

Racks & Mounting Cards RM1 & RMC-2 Series  printer friendly download

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